Gayle Sheppard

Vice President and General Manager
Saffron AI Group, Intel Corporation

Gayle Sheppard is Vice President and General Manager of Intel® Saffron™ AI Group. She leads overall market vision, strategy and growth of reasoning systems based on memory based representation and reasoning technology. Gayle’s team focuses on growing the Intel AI Saffron business by creating and delivering new artificial intelligence products focused on operational decision support for leading global companies across financial services, manufacturing, government, energy, health care and life sciences. Prior to Saffron, she built a career in the enterprise software industry, as Vice President at Peoplesoft, CEO and President of MarketMile, an American Express funded start-up providing on-line procurement services to its customers, and at J.D. Edwards as VP Worldwide Sales, President and General Manager of J. D. Edwards Japan KK, and Vice President, J.D. Edwards AsiaPacific, Ltd.

Sam Adams

Distinguished Engineer
IBM Research

Currently co-leading the Aging Strategic Initiative in IBM Research, Sam Adams was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology in 1995, and in 1996 appointed as one of IBM’s first Distinguished Engineers. After helping to found the first Object Technology Practice in the IBM Consulting Group, he led a study on Self Configuring Systems that foreshadowed IBM’s Autonomic Computing initiative. Sam co-authored IBM’s XML Technical Strategy, focusing on machine-to-machine communication which became the core of IBM’s Web Services strategy, coining the term “Service Oriented Architecture” and defining the Publish-Find-Bind triangle model for SOA in 1998. In 2000, Mr. Adams led the Joshua Blue project, resulting in a number of breakthroughs in the field of Artificial General Intelligence, including the Superstition and Forgetfulness model for autonomous learning. Later, Sam developed the first internet mash-up technologies at IBM and led IBM’s Research’s Enterprise 2.0 Initiative. In 2013 he served as CTO for Contextual Computing in IBM Research, leading the exploration of peta-scale graph-based analytics and programming systems across IBM Research’s global labs. Over the last 5 years he has helped drive a number of Global Technology Outlook topics in IBM Research, each of which has had a profound impact on IBM’s strategic direction. Today, Sam is applying Cognitive Computing to eldercare, addressing the cross-industry impact of the global Aging Boom.

Liesl Yearsley

CEO and Co-founder

Liesl is CEO and Co-Founder of A·kin, which is developing a new approach to general artificial intelligence–able to autonomously solve complex problems and form deep relationships with humans. Previous to that Liesl was founder and CEO of Cognea Artificial Intelligence, which was acquired by IBM and is now an integral part of Watson. Prior to that, she was founder of Mooter, a search engine company specializing in predictive personalization. This company listed on the stock exchange. She was born in Central Africa and built a large education organization there. Yearsley is the inventor on 4 patents in Search and AI, has training in Cognitive Sciences, and her field is Computational Neurosciences. She divides her time between A·kin’s Silicon Valley headquarters, and their new Australian AI research hub in Sydney.

Jay Marciano

Director, Machine Translation
Lionbridge Technologies

Jay Marciano, Director of Machine Translation at Lionbridge Technologies since 2010, is responsible for the company-wide MT strategy and implementation at the world’s leading language service provider. He is a board member of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA). Previously, he worked at SDL (2001-2010), where he was responsible for the ongoing development of machine translation. He also worked as a product manager and software development manager at Transparent Language, where he was responsible for the technology behind, was a lecturer at the English Seminar of the University of Bonn, and a lexicographer on the staff of The American Heritage Dictionary, published by of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.