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A key principle of the SPRING program is that you need more than a single report to build confidence and conviction. Thus, we designed our SPRING modules to provide you with different perspectives leading up to the SPRINGBOARD Conference on October 23-24 2018 at RTI International in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Why Content Modules?

We created our SPRING content modules to

Immerse you in the current state of intelligent systems
Inform you of trends we’ve identified through our research
Inspire you with diverse perspectives of future possibilities
Prepare you to participate in the SPRINGBOARD conference
Engage you through different delivery formats and levels of depth

How are the modules used?

First, consume the modules in small doses and over multiple sittings. The challenges that the SPRING program will help you tackle are not small, so approach the modules deliberately. As you consume the modules in pieces, observe the world around you, reflect, discuss, and repeat.

Next, don’t go it alone. While you may feel that you bear some responsibility for ensuring your organization’s future direction, experience has shown us that foresight activities are best done in cross functional teams. Build your cross functional team to help you contextualize the insights we bring. Use our modules to fuel your internal conversations that feed your strategic planning.
The modules follow the stages of our structured foresight process, and each is organized a bit differently depending on the topic.

Each module contains:

  • Crash Course: This is designed to be consumed in 30-60 minutes and conveys the key points for each module.
  • Deep Dive: Here you’ll find resources, assignments, and directives for “going deeper” on the main points from the crash course. Deep Dives are designed to take 6-8 hours to complete.

What will the module cover and how many will there be? This chart outlines all of the 2018 SPRING modules and their focus.

IRI members and SPRINGBOARD attendees can download the modules here.

Nonmembers may request one module free of charge.  Subsequent modules can be purchased as a bundle here.  To request a module, please email Lee Green at green@iriweb.org.


Learning Modules