September 18, 2019

Digital Transformation Case Study:  Michelin

Michelin is a leader in the research, design, and manufacturing of tires for a wide range of industries and uses. Beyond tires, Michelin also publishes travel guides and restaurant reviews. In business for over a century, Michelin has staked out a leadership position in many uses for tires, including for automobiles, in heavy equipment, and even in aeronautics and the Space Shuttle.

At its core, Michelin is a research and development organization steeped in history and rooted in manufacturing. Now, Michelin fully embraces digital transformation and the multi-faceted changes that it creates. Michelin realized that legacy business processes and outdated business models were threatened by emerging digital tools and solutions. In response, the company began digital transformation activities in 2015. Transformation efforts are expected to continue through 2022.

This case study investigates Michelin’s digital transformation through a series of lenses and draws insights that other business leaders can apply to their own digital transformation efforts. In addition, the case illustrates the steps Michelin took to introduce digital transformation, how Michelin created buy-in for new digital processes and tools, and some of the successes and lessons learned during the transition.

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