October 5, 2020

Digital Transformation Case Study: DuPont

Digital transformation has the power to disrupt traditional ways of working and unlock new capabilities and opportunities in practically any industry sector. In this case study, we examine the digital transformation journey of DuPont, a company with a legacy of more than 200 years of innovation history, best known for developing polymers, including Kevlar®, Tyvek®, and Kapton®.

Since 2018, DuPont has engaged in digital transformation as part of a broader effort to reinvent itself as a materials science and innovation company. In their digital strategy, DuPont is using accelerated insights, digital automation, and predictive analytics to address business challenges by reducing data silos, improving responsiveness to customers, and enhancing employee efficiency. The results of these efforts are providing positive early indications of the value digital transformation can provide to DuPont and their customers.

This case study highlights several factors, many of which are still ongoing, that have contributed to DuPont’s digital transformation progress thus far:

  • Fostering collaboration: DuPont’s Digital Team prioritizes partnership with organization executives and business and function leaders to build cross-functional sponsorship of digital transformation across the entire organization. Support from top executives helped launch and resource the digital strategy, while buy-in from business units enabled digital efforts to become an essential enabler of the corporate strategy.
  • Raising the digital competency of the entire organization: At the beginning of their digital journey, DuPont lacked in-house capabilities and relied heavily on consulting firms and contractors. The optimal balance the Digital Team is targeting is 60% of capability in-house and 40% with external talent. Increasing internal capacity reduces operating costs, improves efficiency, and drives innovation capabilities.
  • Scaling product offerings across the organization: DuPont has built a suite of product offerings that can be scaled and leveraged across different business units. The focus on digital products is helping with adoption of DuPont digital offerings across the company.

Acknowledgments: RTI greatly appreciates the time and insights provided by DuPont leadership and the Spark Digital Team. Many thanks to Andrea Le, Bernardo Tiburcio, Liane Grieco, Jutta Pils, and James MacFawn.

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