August 9, 2018

We are in the midst of a digital revolution at home, at work, and in society, and the intelligent tools that drive this digital transformation are becoming more sophisticated and pervasive. No corporate leader can afford to ignore what is coming. Whether you work in R&D, human resources, or are the CEO, emerging trends in intelligent systems (e.g., artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, autonomous systems) are nearly certain to impact how you work and how your organization competes. Understanding and preparing for the changes that intelligent systems will bring is becoming a core organizational competency for growth and, in some cases, survival.

The exploration phase of the SPRING program is NOT meant to be a comprehensive course on intelligent systems. Instead, our exploration fits in the context of a foresight process.

Our goal in this module is to orient readers to the world of intelligent systems and create a shared framework for understanding that we can use to structure our exploration of emerging trends. Our goal is not to just recreate content that is consumable elsewhere on the web (especially content that defines or explains a technology). Thus, this module relies heavily on great curated content that is validated by experts and organized in a way that helps you “get smart” and orient to the world of intelligent systems.

Anyone who has been following emerging technology knows that the amount of information available about intelligent systems is overwhelming. Orienting frameworks provide a mechanism to structure the exploration phase of our foresight process

In the Crash Course of this module we will first define intelligent systems and then introduce a framework that will structure our analysis in future modules. As part of the Crash Course, we have included links that will help you quickly learn about specific topics.

The Deep Dive of this module provides additional links for deeper immersion and learning.

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