May 24, 2018

Whether you work in R&D or are a CEO, over the next five years emerging trends in intelligent systems (AI, robotics, autonomous systems, etc…) are nearly certain to impact how you work. Understanding and preparing for these changes is becoming a core organizational competency for growth, and in some cases survival.

IRI and RTI Innovation Advisors have collaborated to bring you the SPRING program and the SPRINGBOARD conference to provide more insight into Intelligent Systems.

SPRING (the program), provides expert interviews, webinars and other activities between June and October to help you prepare for the future of intelligent systems and anticipate the impact that certain trends may have on your customers, business processes, innovation strategy, and perhaps corporate identity or mission. You can learn more about the SPRING program here.

SPRINGBOARD (the conference), is the culmination of the 2018 SPRING program, a conference featuring leading speakers, thinkers and practitioners on the topic of Intelligent Systems.  The SPRINGBOARD conference will be held on RTI International’s Research Triangle Park Campus October 23-24, 2018.  You can learn more about the conference and register here.

The SPRING program is built on the following five principles:

  1. Organizations want confidence and conviction about how to prepare for the future: 
    The SPRING program is designed to allow you and your team to engage throughout the summer so that you are ready to make the most of the SPRINGBOARD Conference in October.  Early and active engagement leads to more confidence and conviction.
    Learn more about SPRINGBOARD and register for the Conference.
  2. Using foresight best practices is important for future exploration: 
    Foresight is an academic and organizational discipline replete with history, iconic practitioners, and best practices. We consulted respected foresight texts, received input from noted practitioners, and incorporated best practices into the SPRING program and SPRINGBOARD Conference. You can benefit from this deep experience and gain understanding and insights quickly.
  3. SPRING success requires external insights combined with internal context: 
    Strategic foresight must incorporate external insights and internal context so that we can understand “what is, now” and “what might be tomorrow.” As part of SPRING IRI and RTI’s Innovation Advisors bring the external insights. As one of the more than 100 organizations participating in SPRING, you bring your internal context. At SPRINGBOARD in October, we will illustrate how to conduct excellent foresight work and bring the future to life.

  4. You need to experience trends to facilitate impact inside your company: 
    Experiencing trends firsthand exposes you to a deeper level of understanding and insight than simply reading a report. Virtual Reality (VR) technology is a great example of the power of experience; using technology to experience an interactive, immersive world provides an understanding that is much richer than reading about VR. As part of the SPRING program we bring you experiences through live interviews with thought leaders, trend immersion field trips, suggested DIY activities and more.
  5. Cross-industry perspectives are key to learning: 
    An essential element of any foresight program is looking beyond the narrow purview of a single technology, company or industry to see how trends in the surrounding ecosystem or megatrends that cut across all industries may shape the future. As such, SPRING brings you a diverse set of perspectives through our research process and by gathering both IRI members and non-members for the SPRINGBOARD conference in October.

For more about the SPRING program, visit the program overview presentation, view the webinar recording, visit the program website or email Lee Green.

For more about the SPRINGBOARD conference, click here.