Smart and intelligent systems will change the way business is done. Are you ready?

Each year’s trend is selected based on feedback from IRI members and RTI Innovation Advisors’ research into leading trends. In 2018, our theme is Smart Horizons: Preparing for the Future of Intelligent Systems.

What do we mean by Intelligent Systems?

An intelligent system is a technologically advanced machine or connected set of machines that perceive and respond to the surrounding digital or physical world, often learning from experience, supporting people, or completing tasks that can range from being simple and repetitive to difficult and complex. Characteristics may include:

  • “Machine learning” to learn in ways not possible in the traditional computing paradigm
  • “Embedded,” on-board or networked computing that provides the capacity for analyzing structured or unstructured data
  • Functions of sensing, actuation, and control to describe, analyze and interact with the real world
  • Abilities to operate at various levels of independence from humans

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